The Vaping Fever

Vaping nowadays is the thing. It has gain so much popularity that it is everywhere and seems everyone is using it. Some experts say it is a healthier option to smoking and most people prefer it to smoking. Users prefer vaping cause smoking can bring you harmful effects to your health like cancer at least. Yes, it is so nasty that people are searching for another healthier option.

Vaping now has boomed, it has reached our teenagers and it has been reported that vaping is so rampant on teens. Many of the experts say that vaping also can be harmful to our health but it is less harmful compared to smoking.

In an experiment from this site, vapor from vaping compare to the smoke from a cigarette is nontoxic. In fact, an experiment made with a cotton inside a container one exposed to vapor from a vaporizer and another is exposed to a smoke from a cigarrete.

After a considerable time, the cotton on the container exposed to vapors from a vaporizer is still white clean, but the cotton inside the container exposed to a smoke from a cigarette was tainted and a bit smoky and darker in color. In the experiment the cotton inside the container represent your lungs and whatever happened to the cotton happens to your lungs when exposed to vapor or smoke. As a conclusion to this experiment you got cleaner lungs when you use vaporizers and you get dirty lungs with smoking tobaccos.

Vaping is everywhere, you can check out sites that compares vaporizers like mighty vs fireflys 2 vaporizers. These sites are great in comparing and reviewing sites and it can help you find your first vaporizer if you still have not one. And, it can also recommend your next vaporizer.

So that is it for my post. See you on the next one!